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Guy Fawkes, The Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night
I can only tell you so much. Here's where you get the rest.

Faith and Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot
Insightful and gripping.
"Vibrantly re-creates the political and religious climates of late Tudor and early Stuart England" - Booklist
Walking Notorious London
For those planning a visit to London, this guide book guides walkers through London's darker history, including those relating to the Gunpowder Plot
Bonfire Prayers Customs Recipes Songs and Chants...
A thin, photocopied pamphlet sourcing different versions of the "Remember Remember" rhyme and some recipes. Low production values.
A History of the Gunpowder Plot
Hard to find and expensive. I haven't seen it or read it, so you're on your own.
How Do We Know What We Know About The Gunpowder Plot?
I know very little about this book, like whether it's appropriate for kids or adults, how many pages. I just know it exists.
Civil Strife & Commotion: The Gunpowder Plot - VHS Video
Documentary retracing the stages of the Gunpowder Plot.

NTSC will only play on US and Canada equipment.
V for Vendetta
A post-apocalyptic graphic novel about the loss of freedom and identity in which Britain has become a totalitarian state. Now a big movie. Read more.
Not a children's book

V for Vendetta Movie Soundtrack

CD with music from the film.

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